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Backlit is a dense material, plastic or synthetic fabric, on which an image is applied using high-precision large-format printing. Such a picture is stretched outside the light box or inside it. The result is an image with bright color and light accents. At the same time, with the help of printing on the backlit, it is possible to recreate both photographic and realistic paintings, as well as abstract drawings, graphics, and various logos. In this technique, texts of various sizes look equally good.

Printing on Backlit is not afraid of direct sunlight. The material and drawing burn out very slowly, so once created the installation will serve for many years. In addition to advertising purposes, such light structures are widely used as decorative elements. In the design of nightclubs, museums, exhibition halls, even in the interior of an office or home, a light box will look very interesting if used correctly. The possibilities of printing on modern devices have made it possible to make any image as clear as possible, contrast, color reproduction is amazing. Backlit printing will look especially impressive if inks with the same degree of light transmission are used. In this case, all the boundaries are clear, the viewer can see the smallest details and color transitions.


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