What is a plotter

What is a plotter

Progress in our time goes by leaps and bounds, affecting absolutely all spheres of human life. He did not bypass the printing technique, which is striking in its diversity. Modern users can use both primitive matrix devices and super-class 3D printers. However, even now, many do not know what a plotter is, although many use such an apparatus.

What are the types

From the very beginning, plotters have been used to create high-precision drawings and diagrams. Such models were called plotters and were widely used in the construction industry, and are still used today. It's just that more modern devices of this kind distinguish the category of vector plotters, the peculiarity of which is that the image is applied according to the given coordinates.

What other types of plotters are there? Plotters are also divided into:

  1. Raster.

  2. Tablet.

  3. Roll.

The first type of plotters is especially popular. and most often the reason lies in the fact that such devices are practically no different from household printers. They are also divided into laser and inkjet according to the printing method.

Laser models use a special toner as a dye. Such plotters are more often used in advertising agencies, construction companies and design bureaus. In other words, where print accuracy is critical. As for inkjet models, they are filled with ink. Inkjet plotters are used for photo printing and outdoor advertising, so they are often huge. They use banner fabric, canvas, self-adhesive film and plain paper as a carrier.

As for flatbed plotters, they are designed only for printing on media of a certain size. They allow you to achieve very high precision printing images. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage, because the user is limited by the size of the plotter. Therefore, roll plotters are the freedom of printing, as they can print images of any size. Actually, the size is limited only by the length of the material in the roll.

So what is a plotter? A plotter is a device that is used for high-quality printing of images on a variety of carrier materials, and not just on paper. It is noteworthy that such devices often use super-resistant inks that are not exposed to the external environment. This is especially true when it comes to outdoor advertising printing.

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